Todd Graham’s Apocalypse Pooh

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About this Episode

Nov 12th, 2016. Todd Graham works at a television station by day and is an award winning comedian by night. Sounds mundane but before either of these career paths opened and before the internet existed; Todd created would might be the first mash-up and viral video. His short film, Apocalypse Pooh, became a phenomenon in the underground world of tape trading back in the late 80’s. Landing in the hands of some of Hollywood’s biggest players. Listen and find out, ‘What’s that Like?’


What's That Like? with Jeff Elliott

It’s most comedian’s nightmare. You are at a party and somebody finds out what you do. Then comes the dreaded question, “What’s that like?” In his podcast, Jeff Elliott, turns it back on the general public and brings in people with jobs from the interesting to the mundane and asks, “What’s that like?”

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