Episode 5: London Hotel with Pat Tiffin

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Aug 28th, 2016. On this week's Weirdisode, Bryan raps with London comic Pat Tiffin who speaks candidly on many topics - including living with Aspergers syndrome and how he thinks modern "safe spaces" would have affected his growth throughout school. B.O.G and Patty Boom Boom also touch on Devil's corporation Nestle's attempt to turn Canada into a desert. Stephen "the wolf-eyed perogi" Harper leaving politics. Actual facial transplants. AND we remember another extinct animal, a 1.2 pound marsupial lion with the hardest bite pound for pound in the animal kingdom named after David Fucking Attenborough!!! Whaaaaat?? I know!! Taped on the "Sex, Drugs & Comedy" tour with a borrowed recorder in the laundry room of a hotel. It doesn't get realer than this episode!
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