Episode 47: Is Josh Racist?

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Sep 28th, 2017. This week on Talkin' Bout Racism, DP auditions another potential co-host, Josh Lynch. Josh talks about growing up in the suburbs (Milton, Ontario). Should Canada give reparations to black people? A racist killer on death row refuses help from races he's racist against. And the world famous penis museum (edit, it's in Iceland - not France. But the rest of us at Talkhole knew that!) And DP tries to decide if Josh could be a closeted racist himself

Talkin Bout Racism


Talkin' Bout Racism

Talkin’ Bout Racism is a comedy podcast that focuses on all things race. The podcast comes to you from Toronto, Canada, the most racially diverse city on earth, by your hosts Woody and DP. Segments include racism in the news, guest interviews, and call a racist escort (real calls to escorts who don’t allow black clients).

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