Episode 25: Nick Carter

Jewish Comedy Festival \\\\

About this Episode

Dec 8th, 2014. Not that Nick Carter. This is Nick Carter the comedian fresh off of the Seattle Comedy Competition and Just for Laughs. Nick and Woody remember times they disagreed on race matters, what a friend of Nick yelled out loud when seeing a group of black guys the first time ever. Also our movie of the week is "Boyz N the Hood", Woody and DP go in round 2 of "Find the Most Racist Internet Comment". Also, we call the KKK 1-800 number to try and book an interview.


Talkin' Bout Racism

Talkin’ Bout Racism is a comedy podcast that focuses on all things race. The podcast comes to you from Toronto, Canada, the most racially diverse city on earth, by your hosts Woody and DP. Segments include racism in the news, guest interviews, and call a racist escort (real calls to escorts who don’t allow black clients).

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