The Rude Dudes Turn 50!

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Nov 2nd, 2016. Episode 50 of the Rude Dudes has arrived! 50 hours of uncensored, unethical, pure Canadian comedy! Can the boys get more Rude? Crack a cold one and open yer ears, buhd! We're just getting warmed up... The boys who brought you the 'cuntmuffin', brought to you by Fleshlight. The world's number 1 selling pleasure product for men. Right here on Giddy up!
Rude Dudes Episode 50Fleshlight Canada


Rude Dudes

Rude Dudes are on the air. Tyler Morrison, Jarrett Campbell and Tom O’Donnell take over the Talkhole studio and get rude with Canada’s biggest comedians.

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