Nigel Grinstead is a Rude Friggin Dude

Starving Artist

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Feb 3rd, 2016. This week, the Rude Dudes are off gigging! Recorded on the road with TALKHOLE regular and hot shot young gun Nigel Grinstead. He might be the most Canadian sounding dude we've ever had on the air, even compared to Tommy. Crack some brews, and get rude! Cheers to us, and nobody else. And don't forget to toss a frig into your Fleshlight, bud!
Nigel Grinstead Rude Dudes


Rude Dudes

Rude Dudes are on the air. Tyler Morrison, Jarrett Campbell and Tom O’Donnell take over the Talkhole studio and get rude with Canada’s biggest comedians.

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