Mark James Heath

Tinder Tales

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Jul 21st, 2015. Rob & Blayne get raw and real with Chicago comic turned Toronto favorite, Mark James Heath. A comedy philosopher, a soft spoken Renaissance Man, Heath is one half of the founding duo behind 'Runnin at the Mouth'. A Hip Hop/Comedy fusion with live shows at Toronto's Comedy Bar, and a network podcast right here on TALKHOLE. Standup, outrage, race - they cover it all.


Rob Loves Arguing

Rob Mailloux (Dark Comedy Festival, Rob vs. The World, Drunkorexia) loves to argue. He’s got a lot to say, and a few axes to grind. Rob’s out to prove us all wrong. Every week Rob and co-host Blayne Smith (Yuk Yuks, The Shithawks) take on a topic, a trend, the next societal outrage. Whatever news item, social controversy or pop culture phenomenon has everyone talking. They bring in a guest, and get into it. Comics, performers, showbiz types. Rob loves arguing with all of ’em

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