Coming to Canada with Elizabeth Petrova

Tinder Tales

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Nov 23rd, 2015. Rob & Blayne get into the Syrian refugee crisis, Canada's pledge to offer safe haven, and the war on ISIS. Comedian Elizabeth Petrova stops by the TALKHOLE studio and tells us her story of coming to Canada. Also, completely unrelated, Rob dumps on producer Dean's new tattoo.


Rob Loves Arguing

Rob Mailloux (Dark Comedy Festival, Rob vs. The World, Drunkorexia) loves to argue. He’s got a lot to say, and a few axes to grind. Rob’s out to prove us all wrong. Every week Rob and co-host Blayne Smith (Yuk Yuks, The Shithawks) take on a topic, a trend, the next societal outrage. Whatever news item, social controversy or pop culture phenomenon has everyone talking. They bring in a guest, and get into it. Comics, performers, showbiz types. Rob loves arguing with all of ’em

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