Episode 1 with Adele Dicks

Laughing Vikings

About this Episode

Dec 12th, 2015. Pwincess Bwigitta welcomes guest Adele Dicks into our studio. Adele is a comedian, actress and improviser. One half of the Toronto comedy duo Hot Cousin and 'Gilmore Girlprov' at Toronto's famous Comedy Bar. Pwincess Bwigitta tries to teach Adele a thing or two about being just a little more fancy. And will Adele ever be as famous as the singer who shares her name?


Pwincess Bwigitta

It’s Pwincess Bwigitta’s world, you’re just living in it! Pwincess Bwigitta invites comedians into the Talkhole studio to teach them how to live a fancier life. Adding style and sophistication to the seedy world of Canadian comedy.

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