PUMPcast Episode 1

Fleshlight Canada

About this Episode

Jan 3rd, 2016. PUMP IT UP! Live from the Luzi Loft, Phil & Sandra invite their musical collaborator Jeff Kahane, comedians Mark DeBonis and Patrick Hakeem, and Talkhole's "Podfather" Dean Young to join the panel. This week, we have a little discush on global warming, eco triends and the massive Hadron Collider. Plus more rants on comedy and current events.


The PUMPcast with Phil and Sandra

Welcome to The PUMPcast with Phil Luzi & Sandra Battaglini. The Canadian Comedy Award winning duo behind cult hits like Classy Lady, The Sal & Sandy Show and Family Slides. Every week on the PUMPcast, Phil & Sandra invite a panel of their favorite comedians and special guests up to the Luzi Loft and take on the topics of the day. Ghosts and green energy to Uber and politics. Subscribe, download and PUMP IT UP!

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