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Apr 18th, 2016. A monthly pancake comedy show had opened up a few doors down from Absolute. Neither the owner of the venue (Flap Jacks) nor the comic creating the show was reached to ask not to have the show.Instead a post was made on the Ottawa comedy page explaining that anyone performing at Flap Jacks would have a hard time performing at Absolute and to call Jason Laurans (the creator of Absolute Comedy). When you called, Jason would then explain that if you perform you will be banned for a year from your last performance at Flap Jacks.In my first year of stand-up in Ottawa I was only able to perform twice at Yuks and once at Absolute. But I would perform every week at 'The Laff', the only open mic available at the time. My second year was basically the same, instead the only open mic available was called Connors.In my third year I realized that I had barely grown as a comic and felt completely stuck. This is why I created my own rooms. At the time of the Flap Jacks banning, (nearing the beginning of my 4th year) Ottawa's independent scene had grown to the point once a month on a special week, you could perform everyday.Throughout the growth of the independent scene, Absolute Comedy was not supportive of the rise of theopen mics. After recording a podcast with Jason a few weeks prior to Flap Jacks, I got to see how heavily he leaned towards the business side of comedy. I understood why he was mad but to use the fear of banning to control comics is a serious issue.I think that if Jason learned that using the fear of banning comedians could shut down one open mic. He would slowly use it to shut down as many competing open mics as he could. For this reason the pancake show had to continue. To keep the growth of the independent scene in Ottawa alive. I called him the day of the event asking him to explain the situation again, and told him I would be doing the show.


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