Lawrence Morganstern

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Mar 14th, 2016. On Todays episode I have Lawrence Morganstern! Lawrence started stand-up at the first Yuk Yuks location, he began at 18 and was able to live off of it by 24.Lawrence is incredibly interesting to listen to. He says “I’m not a real person” not in a depressing way but acceptance that because he did not live a life of 9 to 5, he will always be a bit unrelatable to the people around him. There’s a bit of guilt, from not doing “any of the heavy lifting” in the world.But also pride in becoming this person that was able to survive the comedy road. Becoming this “not a real person” was the trophy and outcome of following the path of stand-up comedy that is so close to solitude.I am romanticizing the interview, but as an open micer I realize that my relationship with solitude will define whether the road in Stand-up comedy was worth taking or not.


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