#30: The Good Old Days

Jewish Comedy Festival \\\\

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Aug 27th, 2016. After a brief summer break, our favourite experiment in audio absurdity and radio nostalgia returns to the Talkhole airwaves. From Vancouver to you, it's an all new 'Oh No Not Another Podcast'! #nostalgia, #sonnyboywilliamson, #anthrax, #wombs, #morons, #bluesdudes, #montypython, #shittinginthewoods, #pissingcontests, #cleanliness, #sissies


Oh No, Not Another Podcast!

Oh No Not Another Podcast is the abandoned grease bubble emanating from the wisdom teeth of Martin VanSteinburg and RC Weslowski, 2 dilapidated horn blowing jugular veins hiding out in a rectal thermometer that Amnesty International advises no one to visit. If only they were Swiss acrobats addicted to licorice it might all make sense.

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