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Oct 27th, 2016. This week on Forever Young, Dean sits down with musical comedy duo and improv power pair Kristy Lapointe and Adele Dicks. Toronto listeners might know them best from a little hit show at Comedy Bar called 'Gilmore Girlprov'. They've also released their debut album 'We Used to Look a Lot Worse' out now on iTunes. We talk teen crushes, Tiger Beat, the Gilmore Girls, the making of an album, and how a run of disaster theatre shows that totally flopped brought them together (oh and PS, Kristy LaPointe is Pwincess Bwigitta too, in case you were wondering).
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Forever Young with Dean Young and Friends

Join radio flunky & coffee junkie Dean Young with his comedian friends for a caffeinated swim through the bowels of Canadian showbiz. From standup stages to blown auditions. It’s Cancon at its most absurd and unfiltered.

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