Flumbies, Blumpkins & Antiquing Oh My!

Tinder Tales

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May 5th, 2017. Well, maybe this isn't our proudest episode, but it's a thing of beauty! Dean opens up the panel to local furniture maker and jokesmith Joey Harlem, producer of the Toronto Jewish Comedy Festival Ronen Geisler, and friend of the show Dave Burke drops by! We revisit the world of strip club announcers. We regrettably learn what the difference between a flumby and a blumpkin is. Dean rambles on about Minnesota again. And the vital bacteria culture of open mics
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Join radio flunky & coffee junkie Dean Young with his comedian friends for a caffeinated swim through the bowels of Canadian showbiz. From standup stages to blown auditions. It’s Cancon at its most absurd and unfiltered.

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