Best Frenemies Forever!

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Aug 6th, 2015. Allison Dore (Sirius XM's Ward & Al) stops by the @TALKHOLEpod studio for some saucy banter. And of course to take a few friendly shots at Dean. It's kind of their thing on the air. Dean & Al plug (co-host) Ward Anderson's book (which they haven't read yet... but plan to?) They talk standup, radio and why 2015 has been so Sirius. Seriously. It's been a tough year.
Best Frenemies Forever!


Forever Young with Dean Young and Friends

Join radio flunky & coffee junkie Dean Young with his comedian friends for a caffeinated swim through the bowels of Canadian showbiz. From standup stages to blown auditions. It’s Cancon at its most absurd and unfiltered.

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