Ep. 4 – A Delicious Pairing!

Laughing Vikings

About this Episode

Aug 18th, 2015. Ali Hassan and Massimo Comedian (he'd like you to believe that's his last name) return for another installment of the food podcast where they talk about food, rather than cook! Plus stories from the world of standup, bars, clubs, pubs, cafes and all-night diners. This week's episode brought to you by The Starving Artist!


Bland is Boring

BLAND IS BORING is a foody, boozy late-night romp through the intermingling worlds of food and comedy. With Montreal comedians (and self-described foodies) Ali Hassan and Massimo, and new guests every week. Standup stories, hilarious confessions and embarrassing comedy adventures set against a back drop of all-night diners, greasy spoons and famous Canadian hangouts. From pub grub to fine dining, they’ve done it all.

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