Ep. 3 – Expiry Dates

Fleshlight Canada

About this Episode

Aug 7th, 2015. This week's episode is a little past it's expiry date... but we think it tastes just right! This was Ali & Massimo's first session in the @TALKHOLEpod studio. So, the introductions aren't needed. We say we don't have an intro yet - but as you can hear, we do! And we plug two locations of a restaurant that has since opened up a 3rd. (Hint: this week's network ID is brought to us by an artist who is definitely NOT starving).


Bland is Boring

BLAND IS BORING is a foody, boozy late-night romp through the intermingling worlds of food and comedy. With Montreal comedians (and self-described foodies) Ali Hassan and Massimo, and new guests every week. Standup stories, hilarious confessions and embarrassing comedy adventures set against a back drop of all-night diners, greasy spoons and famous Canadian hangouts. From pub grub to fine dining, they’ve done it all.

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