Episode 32 Season’s Greetings

Fleshlight Canada

About this Episode

Jun 5th, 2016. Host Tim McDonald (@timfmmcdonald) is joined by fantastic Toronto Stand-Up Comedian Kyle Andrews (@KyleArmageddon). We watched the S03E04 "Season's Greetings". Arthur and Yick have a falling out at Christmas time. The episode is a Christmas themed clip and bottle show. It was quite bold of them to think people wanted a flashback of Yik and Arthur's relationship. Honestly, they were reaching there. It's a bit of a shorter episode, but Kyle and I had a great time discussing it!

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A re-watch podcast of the classic 80’s Canadian Melodrama with host Tim McDonald. Every episode, I have guests over to watch an episode and discuss the gritty, cheesy, and nostalgic show from our youth.

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