Episode 3 The Experiment

Jewish Comedy Festival \\\\

About this Episode

Sep 24th, 2014. The Experiment, S01E03 of Degrassi Junior High. Host Tim McDonald (@timfmmcdonald) is joined by his guests, Brendan Pinto (@brendan_pinto) and Chris Roberts (@funnychris34), who are both hilarious and watched Degrassi when they were younger. We talk about race, how much the name "Yick Yu" sounds like an insult, drugs, high school stories, and Arthur standing up for Yick in class. Also, Chris had the same custody setup as Stef and Arthur when his parents split up.


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A re-watch podcast of the classic 80’s Canadian Melodrama with host Tim McDonald. Every episode, I have guests over to watch an episode and discuss the gritty, cheesy, and nostalgic show from our youth.

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