Episode 21 Bottled Up

Tinder Tales

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Jun 4th, 2016. Host Tim McDonald (@timfmmcdonald) is joined by Hisham Kelati (@HishamKelati) and Ariel Kagan (@arielkagan) to discuss Degrassi Junior High S02E07. Kathleen's alcoholic mother humiliates her the night she is to appear on a teen quiz show. Meanwhile, Max and Scooter think smoking is cool. Hisham had very little knowledge, and Ariel is South African and knew even less. We had a fantastic conversation about the episode, and Degrassi in general. Where was Melanie??? Kathleen needed you and you weren't even there!


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A re-watch podcast of the classic 80’s Canadian Melodrama with host Tim McDonald. Every episode, I have guests over to watch an episode and discuss the gritty, cheesy, and nostalgic show from our youth.

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