Episode 9 – BEER

Tinder Tales

About this Episode

May 30th, 2014. Did we get a little drunk and eat a ton of fast food while we recorded this episode? Yes. But only in the name of research and science. We did it for you, dear listener. You forced us to. Featuring guest expert named “Fonz” from the LCBO! What a bunch of wacky drunks we are!


Amazing Things!

We here at AMAZING THINGS know that the world is nuts. It’s crazy and weird and scary and wonderful and AMAZING. That’s where we come in. As a group of classically trained nerds with minors in the field of “Wait…what?!” we feel it is our duty to help you get your weekly dose of knowledge.

Every episode we will look at a different topic, do a bunch of research (sometimes with the help of a guest expert) and then teach you, our faithful listeners ALL OF THE FACTS. Are you ready to live, laugh and learn? Welcome to the world of AMAZING THINGS.

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