Episode 6 – MONEY

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About this Episode

Mar 29th, 2014. Want to learn how to get rich quick? Us too! Please tell us how to do this! In the meantime, check out this awesome episode and learn about everything from using shells as currency to using giant crystal wheels to the exciting, Matrix like future of currency: CRYPTOCURRENCY! Featuring not one, but TWO guest experts in Ian Penney (yes, that's his real name), a cryptocurrency investor and safety deposit box administrator, Jeff Stone!


Amazing Things!

We here at AMAZING THINGS know that the world is nuts. It’s crazy and weird and scary and wonderful and AMAZING. That’s where we come in. As a group of classically trained nerds with minors in the field of “Wait…what?!” we feel it is our duty to help you get your weekly dose of knowledge.

Every episode we will look at a different topic, do a bunch of research (sometimes with the help of a guest expert) and then teach you, our faithful listeners ALL OF THE FACTS. Are you ready to live, laugh and learn? Welcome to the world of AMAZING THINGS.

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