We had a good run

10 years from now a handful of people are probably gonna get stoned sometime and kick back and go - "hey man, is Talkhole still a thing?"

The short answer is, no it's not currently a thing. And I suppose I never did make any sort of formal announcement about this.

Before Talkhole was born I was part of a long ago pod collective that went wayside (sadly, we all loved it). So I decided to pick up stakes and just launch my own pod network. And I did. With the beautiful artwork of Kurt Firla and the indespencible tech genius and pragmatism and wisdom of my friend, partner and brother Mike the Tech Guy. We spent 5 great years in that studio. Cranking out content, interviewing comics from every walk of life - from across Canada, the U.S and worldwide.

At our prime we were producing 30 original Canadian comedy podcasts, with new episodes every single week.

Good things don't last forever. A handful of some of our most enduring hosts took on other projects, new leaps in their careers - as did we all. As far as we were concerned, a 5 year footprint as Canada's first comedy podcast network was not a bad little hook to hang our hat on.

Personally, I started packing away Talkhole the more and more ill my terrestrial radio partner became. The more important the radio show became.

It eventually became my responsibility to host the radio show on my own, with the loss of my partner. And our OG producer came back to tag-team it with me.

I want to thank all of the countless comics and guests who moved through Talkhole over our nearly half-decade on the air. We built something, and we had a good run.

OH, and Kevin - thanks for putting up with all of our shit!! I know comedians are annoying.